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Instructions for setting up VPN under Ubuntu

Instructions for setting up VPN under Ubuntu


  • valid Uni-ID of the University of Bonn
  • existing data connection (WLAN/mobile or also cable)

Installation of openconnect

Method 1: via the Software Store
  • Open the software store and search for "openconnect".
  • The result: GNOME Control Center must be selected
  • openconnect_installation


  • Now open it and scroll down to the Add-ons and select the OpenConnect VPN client.


  • You will be asked for the admin password and you must confirm that you want to install the extension.
  • Then close Software Center and restart the computer.
Method 2: via the terminal window
  • Open a terminal window with for example the key combination <STRG><Alt><T>.
  • Enter the following command

       sudo apt-get install network-manager-openconnect

  • Enter admin password and install.
  • Then restart the computer.

Step by step guide

  • via "Activities/System Settings" select the settings for the "Network" and click on the + sign next to VPNopenconnect_einrichten


  • Here "VPN connection compatible with Cisco AnyConnect (openconnect) must be selected:openconnect


  • Make the following settings:

Name: any
Firewall Zone: Default
VPN protocol: Cisco AnyConnect
Gateway (for external connection):
CA certificate: via Search under
Select /etc/ssl/certs/T-TeleSec_GlobalRoot_Class_2.perm

  • Leave all other details unchanged and save the connection via the "Add" buttonVerbindungsdaten_vpn


Using the VPN Client

  • Now the VPN connection can be switched on and off via the slidervpn_schalter


  • For the authentication you have to enter the Uni-ID (without with the corresponding password and click the button "Connect"Authentifizeirung


Further reference

If you want to use the VPN client within the university to use certain services, you have to create another VPN connection according to the instructions above.

All details are identical, only that as gateway now: must be entered.

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