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Operation of Accesspoints for WLAN at the University of Bonn

Rules for the use of WLAN


The connection of WLAN access points in a DV network is always associated with a high security risk for the network. The HRZ provides wireless networks that comply with current security standards. The expansion of the WLAN is being continued continuously, but naturally not all areas of the university can be supplied at short notice. 

Before the establishment of its own radio network is planned, the institute should consider the procurement and installation of access points according to the specifications of the central WLAN structure. These components can then be transferred to the central WLAN structure, i.e. configuration, management, monitoring and maintenance of the components are carried out by HRZ. Please contact the network department of the HRZ ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]). 

If you still want to operate your own WLAN access points, this must be done in accordance with the 

wich were adopted by the Rectorate on April 26, 2005. Further explanations of these rules and regulations can be found in the 



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