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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (SSL VPN) for Windows, Linux and MacOS systems. Corresponding apps are available free of charge for iPhones and devices with Android system. The VPN client can be used to establish an internet connection from the WiFi network at the University of Bonn and for the use of certain services from outside the university and from your home office.

As with the "old" Cisco VPN client, two servers are available for VPN access using the AnyConnect client. Access and installation are performed simply by entering the respective URL in the browser:

  • Connections from the WiFi or network of the University of Bonn:
  • Connections from outside the university and from your home office:

The installation is automatic as long as "Java" or "ActiveX" is installed and active on the client computer. More detailed descriptions for various systems (in German) can be found here:

If the automatic installation or the direct download via the VPN server of the HRZ does not work, the AnyConnect client can also be installed manually. For a manual installation, the client can be downloaded directly via the link indicated after establishing the https connection or on this page:

For export restriction reasons, the versions of the Cisco VPN client may only be accessed for download with the Uni-ID of the University of Bonn.
Download: Current clients


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