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Cisco VPN-Client Software

VPN Client for Windows, Linux and MacOS systems. The Cisco VPN client can be used to establish an Internet connection from the WiFi network at the University of Bonn and for the use of certain services from outside the university and from your home office.

In addition to the software installation of the Cisco VPN clients, you need one of the two configuration files for successful establishment of the VPN connection.


  • Current client software

    For export restriction reasons, the versions of the Cisco VPN client may only be accessed for download with the Uni-ID of the University of Bonn.
    Download: last current clients
    (Version 4.8 / 4.9 / 5.0)
    64 bit VPN Client for Windows 7 and
    Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
    VPN Client for Windows 7 and
    Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
    VPN Client for Windows 9x/ME/NT
    (also 2000/XP)
    VPN Client for Linux vpnclient-linux-x86_64-
    VPN Client for MacOS X     (does not function under MacOS Lion 64Bit)) vpnclient-darwin-
    VPN Client for MacOS X     only up to 10.6
        from 10.7 only with integrated VPN client
        (see remark)
    VPN Client for MacOS X 10.4 ONLY vpnclient-darwin-
  • 64-bit Windows systems now also supported by Cisco software.
    An alternative to the 64-bit Windows systems is the Shrewsoft client that you can download from
    For MacOS above 10.6 (Snow Leopard) there is an integrated VPN client. Here is the corresponding configuration documentation: Cisco_VPN_Native.pdf

  • Configuration files

    unibn-vpn group unibn-vpn.pcf
    unibn-wlan group unibn-wlan.pcf
    Configuration files for Shrewsoft client

    Right click the link for the required configuration file and "Ziel speichern unter ..." or "Save Link Target as ...".

    • unibn-vpn group:
      For the unibn-vpn group, all connections pass through the VPN tunnel; only connections to the locally interfaced network (Local LAN Access) do not pass through the VPN tunnel. It is not possible to use all literature databases and electronic journals.

      External users and home office users must use this group.

      The users of the SSIDs "bonnet-ukb" and "bonnet-stw" have to use this group.

    • unibn-wlan group:
      For the unibn-wlan group, all connections pass through the VPN tunnel. This group has been set up for all users wishing to use the Internet from a WiFi network operated by the HRZ using the VPN connection. All literature databases and electronic journals can be used.




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