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General information about VPN at the University of Bonn.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and offers the possibility of establishing a secure and encrypted connection via the unsecured public internet. A precondition for the setup is an existing internet connection of whatever kind.

In addition to the encryption, the client is assigned an official internet address (IP address) from the University of Bonn's address range during the establishment of the VPN connection. The VPN connection can only be established after successful authentication with the Uni-ID of the University of Bonn.

After setting up the VPN connection, the client computer functions as if it were connected directly to the university network. 

What is VPN needed for?

The establishment of a VPN connection to the VPN servers at the University of Bonn is currently required in the following cases:

  • Use of the WiFi network at the University of Bonn. Information on the WiFi network can be found here.
  • Use of the majority of literature databases and electronic journals (e-media) from the home office or when travelling. Via the VPN connection the VPN client is assigned an IP address from the University of Bonn's address range (131.220.x.x) which authenticates the user for use of the e-media.

    Note: Access is not possible to all e-media from the home office or when travelling; some are available only for the VPN connection from the WiFi network of the University of Bonn. This is controlled using different "VPN groups"; further information on this can be found at VPN Client Software.
    Further information on the e-media of the university and state library can be found at

    Note for students in student residence halls: A VPN connection is already required for the internet connection in the student residence halls. The establishment of an overlying second VPN connection as described on the HRZ pages is therefore not possible. For details on how the university services can still be used, please check out the Website of the Studentenwerk

What VPN variants are there?

Instructions are available for the following operating systems

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