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General information on WiFi networks and their use.

 (Please also see the Guidelines.)

WiFi networks

The HRZ uses the following SSIDs (Service Set Identifiers) for its WiFi networks:


The Studentenwerk Bonn (STW) and the University Clinics Bonn (UKB) use:



WiFi is available in many publicly accessible working areas of the university (such as libraries, lecture theaters, etc.) and we are constantly expanding the coverage.

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General preconditions for use


For access to the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) you need a valid Uni-ID and your password.


The device must support at least the standard IEEE 802.11g.

At some locations, IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11n are also available.


Depending on the SSID and/or the computer type used, you may have to install additional software and modify the configuration.

Configuration of the WLAN adapter

Set the IP configuration of the computer to DHCP, i.e. "Obtain IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" must be activated. Otherwise, a connection to the WLAN is not possible.


If you have any questions about WLAN, please contact the IT-Helpdesk of the HRZ or write an e-mail to

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