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Description of Eduroam

eduroam allows registered students and employees to use WiFi not only at the University of Bonn, but also as guests at other scientific institutions. Guests at the university can also use the Bonn WiFi network with the user ID and password of their home institution.

How do I set up Eduroam ?

Detailed installation instructions for all common operating systems can be found under Instructions.

Why eduroam?

The aim of eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is to enable simple wireless internet access at the participating institutions.

Guests log in to the WiFi network of the host institution using the user ID and password of their home institution. No special guest IDs or passwords (Uni-ID) are required.

As a member of the University of Bonn you also benefit from eduroam. Once the computer is set up, it can also be used as a local gateway.

Further information can be found at and on Wikipedia.

How does the authentication work?

The actual authentication always takes place via the Radius server of your home institution even if you log in at another institution.

The request is forwarded by 802.1x via the guest institution to the home user administration; from there the response is either „OK“ or „Not OK“.

In reverse, the University of Bonn forwards authentication requests from its guests to their home institution and receives the information whether a corresponding valid account exists there.

Who is behind eduroam?

eduroam is originally a European initiative that is coordinated in Germany by the DFN Association.

In the meantime, however, eduroam has already extended to Asia/Pacific and America/Canada. An overview can be found at

Where is eduroam possible?

Maps with current locations can be found on the websites:

For the iOS and Android operating systems there is an eduroam Companion app that allows you to search for institutions with eduroam.

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