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gast-bonnet is an unsecured access for guests of conferences or institutes of the University of Bonn.

Information for guests

Before you can connect to the Internet via the guest access, you first have to register via the website

The necessary ID and password can be obtained from the organizer of the conference or from your host institute. Information on validity can also be obtained there.

Important: Please note that after your registration, the data are transmitted unencrypted.

Please ensure therefore that you use either secure protocols (e.g. https) or an additional VPN connection!

Tips for organizers and institutes

There are two different types of guest access (guest accounts):

  • Day accounts

They are valid for 24 hours from the first login, but until the expiry date indicated at the latest.
The IT managers can request the creation of a stock of these accounts by sending an e-mail to

  • Conference accounts

These are valid for the duration of the conference. Application for these accounts must be made by the organizer of the conference by sending an e-mail to at least two weeks before the start of the event.

You will then receive a Word file and an Excel file from us by e-mail from which you can create the documents for your guests using the mail merge function.

We need the following information from you:

- Title of event (also in English, where applicable)

- Duration of the event

- Max. number of participants

- Abbreviation for the login ID in the form gast0000@.
  The login is case-sensitive!
  The accounts are numbered consecutively and the abbreviation serves
  to identify your event. It should be meaningful, but not
  too long (e.g. gast0000@conference).

- Desired version of the Word file (German and/or English).

Please check beforehand whether reception of the WiFi network operated by HRZ is possible at the intended conference locations with the SSID "gast-bonnet".

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