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WLAN Coverage

A brief overview of how institutes can be connected to the central WLAN infrastructure.


The university computer center operates the central WLAN infrastructure, which is used in many parts of the university. So that the central offer can also be used locally in the institutes/facilities, so-called WLAN access points must be installed there. After these have been put into operation, the radio networks operated throughout the university are available, including "eduroam". A complete list of the wireless networks and information on how to use them can be found on this page: Brief overview of wireless networks


At which locations can WLAN be expanded from central funds?

Since we only have limited funds (and a limited staff), we cannot offer WLAN coverage from central funds. With the available funds, we operate the WLAN infrastructure and replace existing WLAN access points at the end of their service life.

From central funds, the University Computer Center continues to provide equipment for student-used areas. These areas include:

  • Lecture halls
  • Seminar rooms
  • Libraries
  • Common rooms for students, e.g. also student councils

    Since 2022, we also equip the following areas from central areas:


    Meeting rooms (this does not include offices that are also used for meetings).

    You are welcome to submit requests for these. However, requests will only be processed after the personnel resources become available and are not tied up due to other exchange actions. You will receive feedback from us on this.

    The offer is valid as long as the funding is not exhausted in the current year. When prioritizing the expenditure of funds, the student areas are given priority.

    For other areas, e.g. offices, the WLAN access points must be procured by the institute itself.

    What do I have to do so that WLAN is also available at position X?

    Please contact the network department of the university computer center informally, preferably via e-mail to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. We will advise you on expansion plans, arrange an on-site appointment if necessary, and name the WLAN access point models to be procured if these are not provided from central funds.

    Please involve your institute administrators in your inquiry, as they often already have an idea of what WLAN expansion in a building looks like and technical questions can be clarified quickly. Furthermore, in case of problems with WLAN installations, we will always approach the institute administrators first, who should then of course be in the know.

    In any case, we are dependent on your cooperation in the further course. After clarifying the positions of the access points, you must order the installation.

    What are other requirements for the operation of WLAN by the HRZ?

    We must insist that WLAN access points be connected exclusively to switches operated by the HRZ in order to simplify the administration of the components and to secure the network. (This is usually possible on site; restrictions only apply to institutions that operate their own network). Furthermore, we do not operate a central WLAN in close proximity to institute-owned WLANs as long as the same SSIDs are used by the institute. Please note the following information regarding self-operated WLANs: Operation of access points for WLAN at the University of Bonn


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