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Computer Security

What should be considered when using Windows computers?

First, we want to provide you with a short summary, how Windows computers should be equipped nowadays. Windows computers should be:

  • Regularly updated with the MS Windows Updates (At least once a month, if required more frequently! Automatic installation is strongly recommended). These updates fix (unfortunately using Active-X) possible security vulnerabilities.
  • Equipped with up-to-date antivirus software (The University of Bonn offers its members free McAfee-AV, through a framework agreement. Also available is the product from Sophos, through a country-wide framework agreement. Personal usage is free for members of the university. For use on computers owned by the university, a license is required!
  • Equipped with a firewall – whether hardware or software – to restrict unauthorized access from the outside (especially with MS Windows network shares)
  • Equipped with further programs (e.g. Anti-malware products). Due to the fast development cycles of malware, we cannot give a general recommendation for specific products. Please inform yourself about this in the short term, via the internet.
Computer security: Further sources of information

Computer security is an important topic! Everybody who is responsible for the administration of a computer nowadays, must perform certain tasks to ensure proper functioning of his/her computer as a working tool. For most the luxury of third-party maintenance is not available. The only solution is to learn and do it yourself.

There are many offers and helpful information about computer security

  • Hopefully, the information on this website is useful to you
  • Strongly recommended as an external source of information is the website of the Federal Office for Information Security. Often we obtain our information from this source as well.

Windows Action Center (since Windows 7)

The Action Center, which got intruded with Windows 7, is a tool for administrators and contributes to the security of the systems.

The Action Center (Control Panel>>System and Security>>Action Center) provides many aids for maintenance of the system. Also a little “flag” in the system tray, at the lower right corner of the screen, notifies you immediately about tasks in the system if a problem exists in the Action Center. You should use this new tool to keep your system functioning.


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