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Information about the MS Windows Update

Nowadays it is necessary to update your Microsoft Windows regularly

Especially when you (re-)start a computer for the first time after installing a new operating system, a longer update should be taken into consideration.

Nevertheless, nowadays these administrative work should be carried out regularly, to ensure the safety of MS Windows workplaces.

Our recommendation is:

  • We recommend enabling the “automatic update”, to ensure your Windows system stays up-to-date, even when you just work as a limited user (e.g. for security reasons), for a longer period of time.
    • Tip: If updates are scheduled to be installed with the next shutdown of the computer, but you do not want them to be installed at that time, you can click the link “shut down without installing updates” in the text below. Updates  will then be installed with the next restart.
  • Be aware that only computer administrators can carry out Windows updates manually.
  • If the use of “Active-X” is restricted (In the internet explorer recommend for security reasons), you first have to allow Active-X for the site “*” in the internet options.
  • The best way to open the update is via the MS Internet Explorer (“Extras” >> “Windows Update”). Then follow the instructions on the screen.
    • On Windows 7 or higher, you can only start the update in the control panel.
  •  You should update your Windows at least once a month. (Microsoft offers a bunch of patches monthly at the “Patch-Day”. You should also update more often if you read about special threats through viruses in the press (because in this case, updates may be available in between the patch days). If automatic updates are enabled, the system will download important updates if they are available and suggest the installation.
  • Do not be surprised, if certain updates are available for your colleagues computers and not for yours. The computer manufacturing companies can withhold an update for your device if error-free functioning is not ensured. During the update process, your computer will compile the necessary information and only suggest the updates that are available for your device.
  • Should you get errors during or after the updates that cannot be solved by clicking “after a restart” / “after a few days” with the next automatic update (c.f. “Windows Update” >> ”Show Update Progress”), you should search for the respective solutions in the internet and fix the error manually. On my computer for example, multiple errors show up for “Windows Defender”. These however, got removed in the meantime by successfully installing a new update. There is no problem here. Cases with permanent problems should be analyzed more thoroughly.

For different reasons, the HRZ does not operate a Microsoft Windows Update Server for the time being. Therefore, you must use the available updates and information from Microsoft.

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