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iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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Instructions (in German)

Here you can find all instructions for devices with the operating system iOS. As we keep our test devices up to date as far as possible, we actively support only the most recent iOS version (currently: 12.x). Still, the instructions should generally also work for older versions (3.x and higher).

The most frequent user needs (e-mail, calendar and contacts) are already covered by the configuration of the exchange account. Therefore, we recommend to use all other configurations (IMAP, CalDAV, sFTP, VPN) only in cases where there is a specific need for them.

Unfortunately, the instruction manuals are only available in German. If you have problems understanding the German instructions or need English-speaking support, please visit the IT-Helpdesk or contact us via the support hotline or the contact form.

Set up eduroam

A manual set up of the WLAN access to eduroam is not possible.

Please open this website on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch via an already existing data link (WLAN/mobile) and install the required eduroam profile. Please note that, if you use this method, the additional SSIDs eduroam-ukb and eduroam-stw will be installed at the same time.


After installing the profile, using “mobile data” or other WIFI connection, connect to eduroam by entering your credentials (Uni-ID and password) in the WLAN settings.

Information on the exchange account

The University of Bonn does not use a Microsoft exchange solution, but uses a Microsoft-independent technology (CommuniGate Pro). Nevertheless, similarly to the set up and use of a MAPI account, it is possible to administer e-mails, calendars, and contacts via a smartphone or tablet on the central mail server of the HRZ by setting up an exchange account (if you want to access shared folders, please consider the information given in paragraph 2.2).

Please note: There are different settings for employees of institutes with their own sub-domain (e.g. In this case, please use the respective institute e-mail address (e.g. [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) and not the “[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]” address! The server setting does not change (

Configuration files and QR codes

When you visit this website with your iPhone/iPad, you can click on the configuration files in this table to download and install them. Please use Apple’s standard Safari browser, as other browsers might not process the configuration files correctly and only show an error message.

When you visit this website from your PC or laptop, you can either download the required configuration file onto your laptop by clicking on it and send it to your iPhone/iPad from there, or you can click on the corresponding QR code and scan the code with your iPhone/iPad (the download and the installation start automatically on your iPhone/iPad). Please note: If the error message “Frame load interrupted” appears when scanning the QR code, this is usually due to the QR code scanner used. In this case, please use an alternative scanner app (e.g. “RedLaser” or “Scan”).

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