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Safely dispose of hard disks

Hard disks can be disposed of and destroyed via the IT-Helpdesk in compliance with data protection regulations.

The HRZ accepts hard disks from institutes for professional and data protection compliant disposal. Up to 10 hard disks can be handed in at the IT-Helpdesk during the service hours without registration. For the delivery of a larger quantity of hard disks, a prior appointment at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] is necessary.

The HRZ stores the hard disks under lock and key until they are handed over to a professional waste disposal company, access is only granted to the employees of the HRZ operating team. The hard disk are stored at the IT-Helpdesk in a locked box. This is emptied at least once a week in order to deposit the hard disks in a locked cabinet in a restricted area until disposal. The disposal is carried out by a specialist company on accordance with a procedure agreed with the data protection officer in accordance with DIN 66399 protection class 2, security level H4. The commissioning of the executing specialist company is carried out by department 4.2, which also covers the disposal costs. There are no costs for the institutes.

If you would like to receive a confirmation of the delivery to the HRZ and the disposal procedure, please bring the completed hard disk disposal form (German) with you.



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