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Large Format Scanner

Properties of the Scanner

The HP Designjet 4500 Scanner allows for the digitalization of print templates up to a size of A0+ (90,5 cm x 124 cm). Abrasion-free paper-, carton- and transparency film templates can be scanned. They should not have any tears on the sides and should be sturdy so that they are not damaged upon insertion via the rubber rollers. The scan resolution can be freely selected. A standard of 200 to 300 dpi is recommended. During the scanning process, the data are saved in TIF-, JPEG- or PDF format. They can be printed from our plotters HP DesignJet Z6200 and HP DesignJet Z6100ps.

Who can use the scanner?

Our scanner can generally be used for official purposes by all departments of the University of Bonn. If interested, department members send an appointment request via e-mail to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. As the scanner has a lead time of one hour and we need to organize staff capacities, early appointment scheduling is essential.

Please hand in the scan templates and the filled-in “Abrechnungsformular” at the IT-Helpdesk. We will process the order as soon as possible within the next two to three working days.

Please be aware that there may not be any copyright infringement in the process of scanning and copying. The HRZ does not assume any liability for potential damages to the templates.

What are the costs?

If you only want to digitalize print templates, we charge 16 Euro per hour for the use of the scanner, consultation and help, as well as storage media that are necessary with many data formats. The invoice will be issued to the institute. Please print the “Abrechnungsformular” below and hand it in (filled in and signed) with your scan templates. For copies (paper printouts) the normal plot costs apply. You can find all relevant information under Poster Printing.

Accounting Form for Large Format Scanner "Abrechnungsformular für Großformatscanner"

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