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Poster Lamination

The HRZ has purchased a roll laminator for posters up to a size of A0+.

If you wish to have a poster that is printed in the HRZ laminated, please indicate that in the respective field in your Plot Order. You can choose between a matt or a glossy lamination for your poster.
The film thickness is 75 Micron on the upper and the bottom surface, which enhances the appearance and durability, but still allows for an easy rolling up of the poster.
As the lamination process is complicated and labor-intensive, it is recommended to have a detailed look at the printed poster before it is laminated and correct any mistakes.
Posters on photographic paper should be allowed a drying time of at least 10 hours, as the posters have to be completely dry before the lamination.
The fixed price is 10 Euro per lamination (also for A1 formats, posters larger than A0 at higher price) The costs are charged directly to the institutes together with the printing costs of the posters.
Between 9:00 and 18:00, it is possible to pay in cash at the IT-Helpdesk (Plaza, Room E06).
Please be aware that an undesired formation of wrinkles in the laminating film or a crease in the paper are sometimes possible.
In the case of posters that have not been printed by us, the HRZ assumes no liability for those potential damages.
A Plot Order is also required for these orders. Choose the type of lamination and specify in the comment field that you only wish a lamination. Then you can drop off your poster at the IT-Helpdesk. 
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