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Poster Printing

The HRZ offers the opportunity to produce color print-outs up to the size of A0+ with an HP DesignJet Z6200 and an HP DesignJet Z6100ps plotter. These ink-jet plotters provide a definition up to 2400dpi and can work with HPGL/2 as well as with PostScript (but not Encapsulated Postscript).

These services can be used by members of the university with a valid Uni-ID. More information can be found on the website of the HRZ under Identity Management.

If you need one or more posters, please fill out the form Plot Order and send it to the HRZ by clicking the button Send Plot Order. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which has to be printed out and signed by the person responsible at your department. Please make sure to bring it to the IT-Helpdesk when you come to pick up your poster.

Providing a Poster
If your file is smaller than 20 MB, please send it via e-mail to: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Bigger files can be uploaded to GigaMove (Gigamove). Please log in with your Uni-ID and upload your file by using the function “Provide file”. After the poster has been uploaded, you have the option to forward the link via e-mail. Please click on that link and send the e-mail to: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Supported Software:
If possible, we would like to receive your files as pdf-files. We can also work with files that have been created with the following software:
PowerPoint (version of 2003 and 2010 – caution when using different versions, there is a high probability of shifted formatting! Please do not integrate .emf-graphics.), CorelDraw.

Poster size:
We will scale your poster according to the size that you request.

In case you do not want a pre-defined scaling (e.g in the case of a true-scale map) or specific dimensions for width and height, please let us know in the "comment section" of your plot order.

Time schedule:
Incoming plot orders will usually be processed the following working day. High-gloss posters that need to be laminated will need one more day to be produced (see "Poster Lamination"). Delays should be expected on bridge days. You will be notified through e-mail or by phone call once your poster is completed. You can then pick up your poster during the working hours of the IT-Helpdesk.

We can also laminate your poster for you.
If you wish to order a laminated poster, please mention it in the comment section of your plot order.

The following chart gives you an overview on the current prices at the HRZ (as of 1.7.2017):

Standard paper, 120 g/qm
A0, A0+ fixed price

Eur 12,--
Eur  6,--
  running meter Eur 10,--
Photographic paper, 190g/qm
A0, A0+ fixed price

Eur 30,--
Eur 15,--

Trevira flag fabric


running meter

running meter

running meter

running meter
Eur 25,--

Eur 40,--

Eur 45,--

Eur 10,--

All departments receive a monthly settlement. Those who pay in cash are welcome to go to the IT-Helpdesk during its working hours and pick up their poster.

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