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Administrators of Local Servers

Extract from the rector’s decree of July 2002

“In the local area network of the University of Bonn in principle every institute may operate their own servers. Operating servers, which services are not limited to the own intranet, for example e-mail servers, is only authorized in justified exceptional cases. Otherwise the respective services of the HRZ may be used instead. All servers need to be maintained in a regular and permanent fashion. Server with special availability requirements must be protected from unauthorized access. Services, which are security relevant (e.g. Directory Services) should be concentrated on few especially well maintained servers. The HRZ provides the technical requirements to reduce the types of services of servers or communication systems operated by the institutes, to the intended range.

For every server a responsible administrator as well as a deputy administrator must be named as technical responsible staff. The assignment of the administrator function must be made in writing. Administrators and their deputies must be qualified and have a level of information corresponding to their tasks. When operating work place pcs, which can be accessed publicly within the university, it is necessary to ensure that unauthorized users have no access to the university network. Anonym access should normally be prohibited. If imperative reasons exist to exceptionally allow an anonym access for a device, it is necessary to technically restrict the functions of the device in a way that a negative impact on the IT security is not possible.”


The full document can be found as PDF file under (only in German)


Server and services can be registered under


The assigning of OIDs (Object identifier) at the University of Bonn, for the world wide unique identification of objects is conducted by the HRZ.


The IT forum of the University of Bonn collects and represents the interests of the users. Furthermore, it participates in the organization of the IKT supply.

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