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High Performance Computing and Analytics Lab

The High Performance Computing and Analytics Lab (short: HPC/A-Lab) coordinates and bundles the activities related to high-performance computing at the University of Bonn. Together with the Hochschulrechenzentrum, it plans and manages the central high-performance computing infrastructure for use in research and teaching at the University of Bonn.

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High-Performance Computers at the RWTH Aachen University

 Until July 2017, employees of the University of Bonn referred to the HRZ to request a user ID and password for the High-Performance Computers of the RWTH Aachen University.

This has now changed. From now on, employees as well as students of the University of Bonn, have to submit their project proposals for high-performance computing directly to the RWTH Aachen University. For this, various project categories have been defined, which require different application conditions. When a proposal has been accepted, the applicant will receive computing time in accordance with his or her project. The computing time will be calculated in core-hours. For further information on High-Performance Computing and the new project-based distribution procedure; please refer to the information on the RWTH Aachen websites. 

 Project Proposal at the RWTH Aachen University

 The following project categories are eligible for members of the University of Bonn:

  • BUND (big data processing projects/ computing projects)

  • PREP (preparation for a big data processing/ computing project) Within the BUND category

  • NOVA (Research project with focus on innovative computer achitecture)

  • THES (bachelor and master thesis)

The categroy THES is only offered with reservation. The RWTH Aachen University is not officially assigned to support students from different universities, which means that proposals can only be accepted when capacities allow it.

There are different application forms and conditions for every project category. Even though all proposals are handed in via the JARDS Online Application System, applicants must also send in their printed proposals.

More information and an overview on all project categories:

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