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Proxy Server

The HRZ operates a proxy server(WWW-Cache)


It can be used by members of the University of Bonn to surf the web “anonymously”. The reduction of internet traffic which was the previous main purpose, is only a well-received side effect today. This is the case because, if you have selected a proxy server for your browser, before opening the site your browser will first check whether a copy of the side is already saved on the proxy server. As a result, websites that get visited by many people, only get requested once from the outside and are then only requested from the local proxy server.

The usage of the proxy server is restricted on the domain and on computers with IP-addresses that start with 131.220.

The proxy server cannot be used for the HTTPS protocol, but instead for HTTP, FTP and Gopher (Depending on your browser HTTPS might be also called Secure or SSL).

Settings in the proxy configuration of your browser:


Type Address of the proxy servers you must use Port
HTTP 8080
FTP 8080
Gopher 8080


Exceptional settings

Use no proxy server for domains beginning with:


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