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Server Services for Institutions

The institutions include all bodies and departments that are listed in the course catalog of the University of Bonn.

For these institutions the HRZ does offer additional server services:

  • Server housing
    Housing and network connection of institute servers at the HRZ 
  • Project disk space
    For individual backups on the central system, it is recommended to use the personal disk space that is available for every Uni-ID (>>Service >>Diskspace). However, projects or institutes often need disk space, which is controlled by an “administrative employee” and can be accessed by more than one Uni-ID. For this type of demand, the “normal” disk space of a functional Uni-ID is available. The administration of the access rights (Normally via a Window workplace) is not obvious and an instruction by the HRZ is often necessary.
    Information regarding this service may be found here.
  • Activation of Windows operation systems and MS Office via KMS
    By using multiple KMS server, the HRZ is able to centrally activate the products mentioned above at work spaces connected to Bonnet (Only physical connection, no VPN or WLAN). Please note, that to do this, the required licenses must available. Today all networks of the institutes are activated for this service and you may only need to contact the HRZ, if errors with the service occur.

    To use the service automatically it is necessary that
    • a dynamic IP address is available (=DHCP activate “Yes”)
    • the right products have been installed (You must use the download files which can be accessed via the ASKnet software shop)
    • the required licenses for the operation system and the office package are available (bought in the software shop of the ASKnet AG).
The products “Visio” and “Projekt” and “Products from other contracts (bought directly, Open, etc.)” cannot be activated via KMS. Activation of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as the office versions 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 is possible today. Please contact us, for activation of servers.

If an automatic activation is not possible, the responsible administrator (cf. IT concept of the University of Bonn) must be contacted.  If activation is still not possible, the local administrator together with the HRZ (E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) may work out, the reason.



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