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Local PC Pools

Set up support for local PC-Pools

The HRZ for many years operates installation servers based on the product Rembo/mySHN in the versions 2 and 5. This service is intended for the public working places of the HRZ (ÖCAPS) and the course rooms but also for other institutes which have a need for installations and offer the conditions for the use of the installation servers (e.g. identical hardware for many computers, operation systems until Windows 7 and Linux).

For this process a central authentication via the radius server by using the program PGina, should also be taken into consideration.

For current Windows operation systems Rembo/mySHN is unfortunately not available.  Also PGina is not available for Windows 10. We are looking for a solution to this problem.If you are also operating a PC pool for the institute, we offer to discuss and design a consultation with the HRZ, on the possibilities for the use of e. g. Rembo/mySHN, but also for the integration of the central services, central authentication (i. e. you do not need your own user administration) and more. Currently, we also recommend the integration of the central disk space of the file server infrastructure.

In this way, you may provide additional value beyond the workplaces by adding secure data storage, which can also be used from outside the university at any time, or, if desired, by an identity management. Even sharing Firefox bookmark files is possible and much more...

For information on this service, please contact [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]



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