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Time Server

The HRZ offers two time servers from the Network Time Protocol (NTP Version 4, see The time servers are available in the university network under (or and (port 123 tcp/udp).  

The time servers are embedded Linux servers with clock modules that run as NTP servers with a Stratum value of 1. They receive their time via DCF-77 signal from Mainflingen near Frankfurt am Main. By using high precision correlation receivers, a deviation from 0-2 µs may be reached.

The timeserver can be used to provide your computer with the correct time.

Setting up the time in Windows 7

As a user with administrator rights you can determine that the computer obtains its time from the internet:

To do this, click right on the time in the bottom right corner of the taskbar.

In the context menu select “Change Date/Time”.

Then the window Date and Time will appear.

Select the tab “Internet time”.

Click the checkbox “Synchronize with an internet time server”, so that it is checked

Type in the field server.

Click the button “refresh now”.

Further information about the settings of a NTP-Client can be found under:;de;307897




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