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Computer software at the University of Bonn

Computer, framework agreements, country-wide and campus licences

In cooperation with other universities, companies and the ASKnet AG (Karlsruhe), the HRZ (as part of its central IT service) has negotiated various scales of discounts, as well as country-wide and campus licences. Under the following link, you can learn which software can be purchased with a discount and how the purchasing process works for the different groups of university members.

However, you should also ask in your department, if there are local campus licences for products. Some department specific products may be provided by your institute (in some cases also for students).

If you have questions regarding Apple-systems, please do not hesitate to directly contact the  Appel Support Centre of the University of Bonn

Note for the Institute of the Faculty of Medicine:

Purchase orders from the Faculty of Medicine/UKB (University Hospital) do need, without exception, a prior (!) approval of the purchasing department of the UKB. Bills of unapproved purchases, cannot be submitted and therefore not settled out of the UKB budget. Requests on this please address directly at the purchasing department of the UKB

Note for students:

Please note that the often asked for versions of MS Windows and/or MS Office are generally not included in the University agreements! Even in software shops, you will not be able to come across good deals for those versions.  Please make sure to first inquire MS Office or turn to the Microsoft website, to find information and offers on products that you are interested in. Then look for the appropriate retailer for these versions.

Please note: Retailer prices are FREQUENTLY cheaper than the offers directly from Microsoft.

Be aware of offers that are “too cheap” – In many cases you can check the comment section of such offers and find out that the version is illegal… :-). Also be careful when buying “licence keys”, because licence keys ARE NOT licences. They are only intended for technical activation and require a valid licence for that.

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