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Admins of the Departments

Admins of the Departments

The departments are responsible themselves, for procurement, installation and operation of computers. For every procurement it is required to confirm in writing that personnel for first operation and maintenance of the computers is available. Nevertheless, we know that appropriate personnel in the departments is missing and that existing personnel often is overburdened.

If you are a part of this special group of people, we want to help you with our knowledge through information, IT trainings and personal consultations. Try out if we can help you though an individual consultation.

What help do we offer?

Through its services the HRZ provides support especially with

  • Information about and assessments of procurement processes of computers. This includes e.g. HBFG- or CIP-Applications (C.f. Contact)
  • Information about procurement of software with discounts for research and teaching (“Software licenses for institutions”)
  • Interdisciplinary support with choice and know-how around hardware, operation systems and applications on computers (C.f. the section “Support for your own computer”)
  • We especially would like to draw your attention to our IT training program. In this program many PC administrators can develop concrete and up-to-date knowledge about computers. Where possible, we would like to hold a personal meeting to answer specific questions about computer administration within the institutes and how to get involved with the services of the university.

Information about fringe areas

In the navigation, we provide information about the fringe areas of your work. The general information about computer applies to personal and department computers alike. Under server services, you can find an overview of the services of the University of Bonn that are available via Bonnet. Please note the special server services for the departments of the university. You can also find links that direct you to those services.
Also please contact us, if you should find that any interesting topics are missing in the training course program of the HRZ. If possible we will give you a personal introduction to the topic, or organize a separate workshop. In this context please note that we do not provide support for every system or topic.

Who can work magic…?

We are happy to help you with all our know-how. But please note that we,

  • do not have knowledge about all forms of use of computers (especially about department specific forms of use)
  • due to various reasons, do not provide support for some topics (e.g. no MS Windows, MS Server, MS Systems! We only use Unix servers)
  • cannot do your work for you. We can only provide support for self-help.
  • cannot be made liable for problems that were caused by our support.
  • must insist that you make an appointment if you have lengthy questions or problems



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