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Colourbox is an online image database for which the University of Bonn has acquired a campus license.

Campus license for the "Colourbox Educational" image database 

The University of Bonn has purchased a campus license for "Colourbox Educational" from the online database "Colourbox". This license gives students and employees of the University access to millions of images, illustrations and videos that are available at "Colourbox".

Specifically, students, teachers and employees of the university may not exceed 30 free downloads per month at Colourbox for research and development. These downloads may be used for seminar papers and term papers, course and teaching materials, presentations and lectures.

However, the download for commercial use or private purpose is excluded. Papers or similar works with material from "colourbox" may be published on the Internet if it is ensured (e.g. by password protection) that only members of the University of Bonn have access to it. 

Therefore you will find the complete information about "Colourbox" and the access possibility in the Intranet under the circular 9/2015.

If you have already worked with Colourbox, you will need to renew the code to continue to have unrestricted access. How to do this is described in the Intranet.

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