MATLAB is a software for solving mathematical problems and graphically displaying the results. It is primarily designed for numerical calculations using matrices.

The University currently has a campus license for MATLAB in place (16.12.2020).

The license, including the toolboxes, is available to all members of the university for use in research and teaching. Excluded is the use in commercial research! Authentication is done via Shibboleth with your University ID and the corresponding password.

Access the following link and click to log in.
"Register now"

You will then be asked to create a Mathworks account: you should only provide personal information about yourself and your role at the university if you agree to Mathworks using it. The Mathworks account gives you access to cloud services on MATLAB servers. No personal data from third parties (such as lists of participants in courses) may be stored there.


Network licenses:

Institute administrators please send the host ID of the server and the operating system to the address [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. We will then send you the license file by mail.


Updating the license:

To use MATLAB for another year, you must update your license file.

  1. Open MATLAB. (If the license has already expired, the activation client will launch and you can skip the next step).
  2. From the 'Help' menu, click Licensing > Activate Software.
  3. Select the option to activate via the Internet.
  4. Restart MATLAB after activation so that the new license file is recognized. If the license has already expired, you are prompted for activation when you start MATLAB. If the activation is successful, it will switch to the new license file after the old one expires.


For more information or questions, contact us at: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Helpful videos for getting started with MATLAB:


Information about MATLAB:

MATLAB is created for interactive and automated calculations. The software is suitable for handling computationally intensive, scientific and technical tasks from data acquisition to problem analysis and application development.

The functionality of MATLAB covers the following areas:

  • Numerical calculations
  • Graphics functions for visualizing data
  • Tools for designing custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
  • Interfaces to external languages, such as C, C++, Fortran, or Java
  • Interfaces for accessing and importing data from external files


 For more information or questions, contact us at: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

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