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What Software to protect against computer viruses?

The number of antivirus software applications is large. However, many antivirus applications are only free for private use - university use is often not free of charge.

For this reason, HRZ has long been using contracts to provide antivirus services to all university staff.

We currently recommend McAfee and Sophos products for university use, for which we have purchased bulk licenses centrally. 

This service can be used free of charge by students and staff on private computers (at home), and the departments share in the not inconsiderable costs of this service by paying a share of the costs. After payment of the general fee (payable for each official PC), the departments are free t use either McAfee software or Sophos software (with updates from Aachen) on the respective PC.

For McAfee products, the distribution of the software should only be ensured to authorised users, while the updates should be freely downloaded from the McAfee servers, while for Sophos, the updates to the virus signatures should only be imported by authorised users. For these updates, the appropriate configuration must be installed to give you access to the update servers in Aachen. The authorisation check is performed via the IP address. 

Sophos updates are provided in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University for Bonnet users only. for more information, please read the RWTH Aachen's information about Sophos. 

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