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Usage Regulations for Computer Workplaces

General information

For work at public workplaces in the HRZ, the HRZ usage regulations generally apply. All users are asked to handle the devices carefully. The use of the workstations is regarded as a commitment to comply with these usage regulations. Violation of these regulations may result in the withdrawal of the user's permit and claims for damages.

Right of use

The public workplaces in the HRZ may be used by all members of the university who have a Uni-ID assigned by the HRZ. The Uni-IDs are linked to persons and may only be used by the holder himself. The access password must be kept secret and may not be passed on. Newly issued passwords should be changed after receipt, as they are printed out. When using the workstations, a valid student card or corresponding proof of institute membership must be carried along and presented on request. The registration data (Uni-ID, date and time) are stored on a system operated by the HRZ for a limited time and handed over to law enforcement authorities upon request.

Opening hours

 Unless otherwise announced, the workplaces in the HRZ are accessible on all working days.

Monday - Friday from 7.30 - 21.30 o'clock

Disclaimer, Data Security, Legal Notice

The HRZ accepts no liability whatsoever for loss of data or other damage which the user may suffer as a result of using its equipment or the software provided. In particular, no functional guarantee can be given. The use of the devices is at the user's own risk. No claims can be made against the computer centre due to faulty function, failure or shutdown. The responsibility for personal data lies solely with the user. Data protection and data backup are the responsibility of the user. The computer centre can only provide advisory support here. During a work session, user data can be stored in the temporary area of the hard disks on the work equipment. This data is lost at the end of the work session. Permanent data storage can be achieved e.g. via the drives of the file service (drives S: or T:). Here, too, the responsibility lies with the user.

Each user of the publicly installed workstations in the computer centre undertakes to comply with all applicable legal provisions, such as copyright and press law, in his or her work. Each user of the workstations undertakes not to attempt to gain access to the data of other users in an irregular manner.

Files that contain personal data or whose content violates legal provisions may not be stored, researched or processed at the publicly accessible workstations in the HRZ.

The right of a user to use a computer workstation is excluded. In general, users are not permitted to occupy more than one device. Seat reservations without current use are not permitted.

No liability is accepted for clothing, bags, data carriers or other property brought along by the user.

User liability and rules of conduct

The user is fully liable for any damage to or soiling of workstations caused by deliberate actions or by violation of the user regulations. In particular, the consumption of food and beverages, smoking and the bringing of animals is not permitted.

Every user must behave in such a way that other users are not disturbed.

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the premises open to users. Unauthorised system changes, both in terms of software and hardware, must not be made to the workstation configuration set up. Devices or parts thereof may not be removed from the respective workstation.

The workstations may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may the other shared data processing systems (e.g. the entire data network) of the University of Bonn be used for commercial purposes.


If you have any questions regarding the handling of the devices and the software used, please contact the HRZ's advice in the InfoPoint.

Due to the still small number of workstations, you should keep your sessions as short as possible in the interest of all users.

The HRZ reserves the right to enforce immediate release of the workstation in the event of bottlenecks and inappropriate use of the workstations.

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