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IBM SPSS Statistics

Ordering Procedure

-          Students, staff and institutes can order SPSS in Software Shop of the University asknet AG.


o   Institute orders of server codes or multiple codes (1 code for several installations) operate further on via HRZ (University IT).

o   Institute orders of University Hospital Bonn are processed via the request terminal (Con-Sense) for UK purchasing (questions to Mr. Müller, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])

When you purchase an IBM SPSS Statistics license, you will also receive SPSS add-on codes available from the software store download page.


Program information

IBM SPSS Statistics is a statistical data analysis program. It can read files from many formats and create tables and graphics from them, as well as perform complex statistical analyses. The output of the program in form of tables and graphics can be exported to many other programs.

The IBM SPSS Statistics program has a modular structure, which is available at the University of Bonn under the state license for universities in NRW and includes the following modules:

* IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base
* IBM® SPSS® Advanced Statistics
* IBM® SPSS® Bootstrapping
* IBM® SPSS® Categories
* IBM® SPSS® Complex Samples
* IBM® SPSS® Conjoint
* IBM® SPSS® Custom Tables
* IBM® SPSS® Data Preparation
* IBM® SPSS® Decision Trees
* IBM® SPSS® Direct Marketing
* IBM® SPSS® Exact Tests
* IBM® SPSS® Forecasting
* IBM® SPSS® Missing Values
* IBM® SPSS® Neural Networks
* IBM® SPSS® Regression
* IBM® SPSS® Statistics Programmability Extension

Working with IBM SPSS Statistics is either menu based or with the help of a command language (syntax).

Manuals and further information about the program as well as installation instructions can be found on the IBM website:

IBM SPSS Statistics 25

IBM SPSS Statistics 24

If you need information on older versions, enter the data in the search field, e.g. SPSS Statistics 23, and choose Documentation in the list of search results.

As of version 25, there is a direct access to the manuals in the SPSS program via the menu "Help", "Documentation in PDF format".


Following program is available:

-          IBM SPSS Statistics 25 for Windows, Macintosh or Linux

Before installing the program, please check the system requirements of your computer and install the appropriate version only!

System requirements IBM SPSS Statistics 25

The language of the IBM SPSS Statistics program can be changed via the "Edit, Options" menu.


Installation of the programs

The program is installed as a single-user license. Administrator rights are required for installation.

After installing the software, the License Authorization Wizard starts and the licensing is then processed.

To license the program, an authorization code is required, which you will receive when you purchase the program. The license code that licenses the program, is generated from this code and a lock code linked to the hard disk ID. Internet connection is required for this licensing.

Installation of IBM Statistics Version 25 on Windows 10



Licensing procedure: see Installation of the program.

Please note that the license code has to match the installed version of the program!

A license code is only valid until 30.09. each year. The program is executable one month longer.

A single license entitles to a maximum of 2 installations on computers, on which the same person is working and that are not used simultaneously. This means that staff have home-use rights, students may install on their own PC and their own netbook.


Extension of the license

Whoever has already installed the IBM SPSS Statistics program and only wants to renew the license must enter the new authorization code via the license authorization wizard:




                All Programs/All Apps

                               IBM SPSS Statistics

                                               IBM SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard

The license authorization wizard first displays the current license with all licensed modules and their validity, then the new authorization code can be entered via "Next".



Please keep your program up to date by installing current patches or fixpacks.

The current status of your SPSS program is available in the program via the "Help" menu, submenu "Info...". There you can recognize by the "Release" which patch is already installed.

Whoever has purchased the program from asknet, can also download all patches and fixpacks from the asknet download page, see Download.

Furthermore, there are patches and fixpacks on the pages of IBM:

Patches/Fixpacks for SPSS

Select the client patch that matches your program (Statistics) and program version as well as the matching Client-Patch to your operating system, and read more about this patch before downloading. If you need patches/fix packs for another version, you can change your selection in the right column.

To access the download page, you must log in with an IBM ID that you can create after selecting the patch.


If you have problems or you receive error messages, you can search for solutions on the IBM support pages.

For troubleshooting, refer to the following page:

Troubleshooting IBM SPSS

There you can search directly in the articles or enter an error message number or a term in the search field at the top.

Current errors and problems with proposed solutions can also be found here.

For further issues with SPSS or error messages, please contact the IT Helpdesk.



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