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Manuals (print) and Instructions

The following manuals and instructions can be purchased at the HRZ IT Helpdesk from 7.30am to 9pm. 


Titel                                                                                      Price

Access 2013, Basic                                                             3.00€

Excel 2013, Basic                                                                3.00€

Excel 2013, Advanced                                                         3.00€

Excel 2016, Advanced                                                         5.50€

Excel 2013, Automatic and Programming                           3.00€

Word 2013, Advanced Techniques                                      3.00€

PowerPoint 2010, Advanced Techniques                           1.00€

Convincing presentations with PowerPoint 2010           2.00€

SPSS, Basics                                                                       4.50€                    

SPSS, Advanced                                                                  5.50€

Image processing, Basic                                                    6.00€

GIMP                                                                                    6.00€

MATLAD/Simulink                                                              2.00€

The HRZ only offers the above mentioned manuals for sale. The reason why we have arranged this can be found here. A complete list of all LUIS manuals with additional information can be found here. Enquiries to LUIS publications are the result of cooperation between universities in German-speaking countries. This self-help can only work in the long run if all universities contribute their mites by proofreading, contributes texts, etc. In order for the University of Bonn to continue to benefit from this cooperation, we kindly ask interested parties to cooperate. Please contact Mrs. Hauer ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).


Instructions (free of charge, information without guarantee)
PLOTTEXT (manual & software) (text system for Arabic, Persian, hieroglyphics, Coptic, Hebrew, etc.)



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