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Manuals (Additional information)

Please understand that the HRZ only offers a selection of all handbook titles offered by the LUIS as print versions for sale. 

There are many reasons for this. Some are listed below to help you understand this process and give you tips on how you can help the HRZ to continue to make the handbook offering useful. 

General conditions for ordering manuals:

  1. The manuals offered by the HRZ are intended to cover basic needs. Single copies can be purchased in bookstores (Herdt-Verlag).
  2. The delivery period is 2-4 weeks. 
  3. There are minimum order quantities, i.e. we have to order larger quantities of each manual. As a rule, books are ordered three times a year and are always available. 
  4. Some manuals become obsolete very quickly (new versions), i.e. the need must be carefully estimated by us in order not to cause unnecessary costs. We can only afford to pay for slow-moving items to a limited extent.
  5. We can only sell manuals at the price we pay ourselves. This way we cannot cover the above mentioned costs. 


How can you "get" a new title in the list?

  1. As 50 or more copies usually have to be ordered, a corresponding demand must be foreseeable.
  2. The reason for the book request (e.g. regular event) must be identifiable so that the HRZ can weigh up the "risk". 
  3. Please plan the long run in advance. 
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