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Software Licenses at the University of Bonn



A. General Information on Software Procurement

For software, as for all other procurements, the usual procurement guidelines apply. (see "Purchasing step by step" on the Intranet of the University of Bonn). I.e. that there is a direct procurement for the acquisition of software from framework contracts (land contracts, Campus contracts or simple framework contracts). Software, which cannot be taken from framework agreements, is subject to the comparison and/or advertisement obligation. 

The HRZ and Central Procurement have concluded various framework agreements for the university. For some products there are individual offer and procurement channels, other products can be obtained from ASKnet AG via the software shop of the University of Bonn or you can/must look around in free trade for the product you need. 

When selecting the products, you must ensure that you comply with the license conditions for the respective product group or target group or other terms of use. Students and employees who use software that is to be used on computers owned by the University of Bonn. 

Many framework agreements allow the use of the software procured in this way exclusively on the official equipment owned by the University of Bonn. This means that both privately brought equipment and loans from third parties or research partners, as well as computers of guests of the University may often NOT be used with the software of the University of Bonn. For other products this use is explicitly allowed. Complicated, but legally binding. Compliance with the usage rights ("licenses") is required without exception. Legitimate use must be (at short notice) REFERENTIABLE at all times (see Software Use Guide - old, but still valid or the explanations under "Information on Licensing Conditions"). As a rule, responsibility for the license is assumed by the organizational unit that owns the respective computer or has administrative access to it. 

However, as executors, the respective administrators are also jointly responsible. And please note: Since "license compliance" (i.e. compliance with license regulations) derives from copyright law, there is both an organizational and a direct personal responsibility (as in the case of a car, when owners AND drivers are held responsible!). In addition, a very personal liability also applies in copyright law, i.e. the individual person has a duty and one cannot withdraw to an "activity in office".

The software procurement for the discount scales and country or campus license agreements that the HRZ has concluded for you is divided into the various target groups (columns in the table below). Please first check whether there is an entry for the product you have requested. 

If this is not the case, you can - if you want to products from framework agreements (e.g. Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, etc.) - use the ordering options of the software shop of the University of Bonn (at ASKnet AG). In the left-hand column of the navigation bar, under the name "Computer Contracts", the respective campus and framework contracts are listed for which the special procurement channel is permitted. 


A.1 Free Software

In many cases there is also a suitable "free software" as an alternative to purchased products. From our point of view this is - in many cases - preferable to paid software. However, we can only make recommendations for this in rare cases. 

In principle, it should be noted that even with free software ("OpenSource", "FreeWare", "Software according to GNU, Common-License models" or "public domain"), the published license conditions must be adhered to. 

Free Software doesn't mean that there are no license terms, but only that you don't have to spend any money on the software, depending on its purpose.

Today, the various Linux products are certainly highly recommendable as operating systems for the workplace. As applications products like Libre-Office, Thunderbird, Internet browsers like Firefox, graphics programs like Gimp, PDF programs etc. can often be used as well in everyday life as commercial (paid) software. 

An important note: If a software is free for "private and non-commercial use", then it cannot be concluded that the use on computers of the University of Bonn would also be free. At the latest since the introduction of the university freedom/future laws the universities are to be compared as corporations of public right with enterprises. However, many "free" products incur costs when used in companies. Nevertheless, these products may be preferable, as the costs are often lower than for commercial products.

Especially if you want t set up server services at the university, you should definitely consider the license consideration and the license costs. It makes a difference whether you offer a service on a free Linux server of a commercial system, where - depending on the use - costs of many (!) thousand Euro can be collected.


A.2 Note for Students 

Microsoft: Please note that the often requested versions of MS Windows and/or MS Office are not included in the classical contracts of the university (exceptions: MS Imagine (formerly known as "Dreamspark" or "MSDN-AA"), which students of scientific-technical ("MINT") fields can only obtain from their department/faculty. You will therefore not find any offers valid for you in the ASKnet software shop (which handles our framework contracts from Microsoft). Please first inquire under MS Office or e.g. on the Microsoft offer web page about the version that may be of interest to you (usually Office 365 University: 4 years, 2 PCs for approx. 80 Euros) and then search for a suitable dealer who might have a favourable offer ready for you. 

Also be aware of offers that appear "too cheap". Within the comment section one often finds out that it is not a legal version of the product. For example, the purchase of "license keys" is often also on offer. However, these are not licenses, but merely enable the technical activation of - already existing - licenses. 

Especially for Microsoft products, some departments have concluded their own contract (especially "MS Dreamspark Premium"). Students of the permitted fields (!) may then obtain software from these contracts via the faculty. Please direct any questions about this to the Department/Faschaft of the faculty. 

Other manufacturers:

For other products, please refer to the bale below (currently only available on the German page) to see if the product is also available for students and how. 

Note: The search in the software shop includes - if not listed below - unfortunately also "free offers" of ASKnet AG. These are in competition with free offers of other dealers. In any case, please compare the prices.


A.3 Note for Departments of the Medical Faculty 

Orders from the medical faculty/UKB which are subject to a charge require without exception a prior (!) release of the UK purchase. Invoices which are submitted to the UK administration without approval will not be paid from the budget. Inquiries in this regard should be addressed directly to the UK Purchasing Department.


B. Specific Procurement Information:

B.1 Individual Products (only available on the German website)

B.2 Products from Framework Agreements via the Software Shop

If you do not find your product in the list above, please use the software shop of the University of Bonn, which is operated by ASKnet AG especially for us. A more detailed description of this portal and a note for customers from the UKB can be found on this website. 


Online order in the software shop of the University of Bonn

from framework agreements with, among others, Adobe, Corel, Microsoft (Select,...), etc. 


Additional Information: License Terms (Excerpt) , License Agreements and Contract Numbers

C. Other Products (free trade)

If you do not wish to order a product from the table above or from the framework agreements processed by ASKnet AG via the software shop of the University of Bonn, the general procurement procedure (described in the Intranet under "Purchasing step by step" in the intranet of the University of Bonn) must be adhered to. ASKnet AG also acts as an independent dealer outside the framework agreements (in particular also for the products listed under "Search"). Here, too, direct procurement via the software shop is only permitted if the procurement guidelines are adhered to!

Please note: Discount agreements or special offers are generally not framework agreements.

Please note which product you buy from a retailer. The product consists on the one hand of the product name, the version/edition, the language version ALSO of the respective usage rights, which are listed in the license agreements. 

Many products are NOT easy to compare. Even if you have, for example, a word processor on your computer, the question is still which contract or license the product comes from. And: You must - especially for computers of the University of Bonn - be able to PROVE the required licenses at any time. A challenge!

These products may also include other license components, e.g. maintenance agreements, access rights and special rights (downgrade rights, version/edition and language rights, multiple installation rights, etc.). These are part of the product purchased by you and MUST be observed unconditionally. 

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