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PC Operating Systems

Applications and operating systems supported by the HRZ

Due to the limited personnel capacity, the HRZ can only fully support a few applications/apps and operating systems and others only to a limited extent. Please note that many products can be licensed through our framework agreements and cooperation partners, but we are often unaware of them and are certainly unable to support them. 

You can also find information on the supported applications/apps and operating systems on this website.

Notice: * A "limited support" mentioned below means that whenever we still know or already know the solution to a problem, we will of course be happy to help. A deep troubleshooting is not possible with these products.             
In IT, many problems arise for very individual reasons, e.g. due to the installation and operation history, i.e. the question which products have already been used on a computer before. The interaction of products or the "type of use" can also lead to individual case problems. As a rule, however, we at the HRZ can only offer you our support in general, i.e. more frequently occurring problem cases. And - as usual - we do not have immediate answers to your questions in case of new errors. Please understand that as well. 


Office Products

  • we recommend the use LibreOffice wherever possible
  • We support MS Office 2010 and 2013 to a very limited extent*
  • MS Office 2016 is fully supported
  • MS Office 2019: Support is being built up


Operating Systems

For various reasons, we still favour the use of a free Linux distribution wherever possible (e.g. Ubuntu, see below). Where the use is not possible, one can fall back on MS Windows or iOS - under strict observance of the respective license law. This is particularly complicated when virtual techniques and remoted access are used. 

MS Windows Operating Systems

We recommend, if at all, the use of MS Windows Professional at the University of Bonn. The Home Edition cannot be delayed as far as updates are concerned, as recommended by us, and the Enterprise/Education versions are not only considerably more expensive (basic operating system + upgrade from Select incl. software assurance), but also rarely necessary!

Please note with regard to the versions:

  • MS Windows 7,8 and 8.1 (limited support)
  • MS Windows 10 (supported)
  • Since the HRZ does not use Windows servers (except in rare exceptional cases) and does not support a Windows server infrastructure (there is no central AD for the University of Bonn!), we ultimately support the Windows server systems only as far as we can, i.e. also here: limited support*.


Other Systems

  • For the operating systems of the Unix series (e.g. Linux in different distributions) there is also only limited support. Nevertheless we recommend to try a Linux distribution due to the current development. Many users can easily switch to a Ubuntu workstations (take a "Long-Term-Support" (LTS) version and they have a stable system for a long time). Only for a few Windows products can no Linux version or adequate replacement products be found, so that the use of Windows remains necessary. A Linux computer with Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, VLC-Player, etc. can do the essential things without any problems! For example, we will support Ubuntu in the future increasingly regarding the connection to our central services and provide you with appropriate instructions. 
  • MacOS on Apple systems is also only used in exceptional cases in the HRZ. Limited support also applies here. 


Apple Support Centre and Apple

For the use of MacIntosh computers, there is - without reference to the HRZ and thus also without knowledge of the support quality - the Apple Support Centre at the University of Bonn. If you have any questions about this computer system, please contact them directly. Students who are currently studying at the University of Bonn, teachers, administrative staff and current members of the faculties are entitles to purchase Apple products for personal use (!) at special conditions. Click here to go to the Apple on Campus Store (can only be accessed when connected to the universities servers). 

"Never change a running System"?

For operating systems - as well as other products - please follow the principle that no new products should be used, especially in an "operating" environment! We would like to remind you that with every new Windows (today with every "functional update") it has always take a good six months until working drivers and e.g. antivirus software were available. 

Problem: Basic Operating Systems for Windows Upgrades (MS Select)

The operator of our software shop has published (here in extracts). Text at (as of Sept. 2015, still current), which we do not want to withhold from you:

"asknet AG has not sold unbundled OEM operating systems since December 2011. Since the introduction of Windows 7 and the amended purchase agreements with OEM and Systembuilder partners, unbundling of OEM operating systems is no longer possible."...

"The effort and costs involved in checking the authenticity of licenses would be too great for asknet to be able to offer its customers the necessary security under license law for such products."

Currently we can propose the following solutions:

1. Purchase a new Windows 10 Systembuilder license if your computer is not equipped with an operating system of if your computer was previously equipped with e.g. Linux. The Systembuilder licenses is suitable as a qualifying basic operating system for the Windows Professional or Windows Education upgrade license from the Microsoft Select or Campus contract." [Note: Price approx. 150€, the only question is why you do not use this system right away instead of buying it again from MS Select...]


2. Purchase of a PC with pre-installed Windows 10 from an OEM manufacturer. This OEM license can then be used as the base operating system for the Windows upgrade license from the Microsoft Select license program." [the question, which stands above, applies here naturally also...]

3. Purchase of an older Windows System Builder version with Windows XP as the oldest version. Older versions are no longer accepted as the basis for an upgrade since Windows 10."

Important to note: hardware binding

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has legally anchored the "hardware binding" of a license correctly in the license agreements. This means that a Windows 10 license once assigned is linked to the so-called "motherboard" of a computer. If the mainboard has to be replaced due to a defect, the repair company must apply to Microsoft for a license transfer. If a new computer has to be put into operation, current Windows operating system licenses CANNOT be transferred from an old computer. This means that a new Windows-OS-license is required with every new device. 








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