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Shared use of HRZ services with own Uni-IDs

The HRZ user regulations stipulate that you may not pass on your Uni-ID (incl. password) to third parties. In this article we describe for different services for different services how they can be shared without violating the user regulations.


General information on the user regulations

Secure passwords for computers and serves

Each service a different password -> Single-Sign-On/ Shibboleth

Functional Uni-ID


Shared use FSI

Access Rights Issues


Approvals and project boxes


Share folder/ OTRS

Calendar/Address books

Folder sharing


Do not save any passwords, then you will always be prompted for them.

Shared devices

Each user needs his own identifier ("family and other users"), secured with password or PIN.

Do not save passwords if possible (and if so, then saved). 

Firefox and Thunderbird let you look up passwords --> use master password.

Encrypt computer?

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