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Software Shop of the University of Bonn

Orders via ASKnet AG (Karlsruhe)

The software shop of the University of Bonn was realised by ASKnet AG in Karlsruhe. The software shop is available for all institutions and students of the University of Bonn. 

Employees who register on the portal can order for their institute. Thus, the licenses belong to the respective institute and NOT to the customer - in the end, the rights of use/licenses "belong" to the University of Bonn anyway. We suggest that only ONE (functional) account be used for institute orders, so that the license overviews can be created more easily afterwards. This account can then be shared e.g. by software managers and deputies or handed over to their successors in office. Employees also have the option of ordering for private use. 

In our portal, specially adapted for the University of Bonn, you will find the conditions and prices negotiated for us with the software companies involved. Some of these differ from the prices in other portals (such as or For current orders, please only use the information from the software table or the framework agreements shown in the software shop ("Navigation point: Campus agreements"). 

In the Software shop first a registration as a customer is necessary once before the order. The first step is online and is almost self-explanatory. Please assign yourself to the respective institution or group ("student, employee private use"), which is stored in the dropdown list. The list of institutes is roughly based on the budget lists of the administration, whereby related areas have been grouped together. Students and employees for private use are managed as separate groups. If your institute is not listed (and cannot be assigned to any other institute in organisational terms), please contact us so that we can have the institute entered in the list. Unfortunately, this list is not generated automatically and changes to the institute structure are more frequent than desired. 

As soon as you have entered your data online, you have to print out the corresponding form and send it to ASKnet AG together with a valid student ID card. After some time, your ID will be activated and you can start ordering. 

Once you have received your order account, check your billing and deliver< address in the My Settings section and adjust them if necessary. Please note that order to the Institute must be sent to a valid billing and delivery address that can be assigned - incoming invoices must be processed to avoid lengthy billing and dunning procedures. 

How do I find my way around the software shop?

This is certainly not easy given the abundance of contracts and products. ASKnet AG has separated the campus or quantity licenses (under Campus licenses) concluded for the University of Bonn from the other prices and special offers (under overall program, in free competition with other dealers -> procurement guidelines!). With the search functions or the order structure you should find your product well. The product variety, generated by the manufacturers, requires an exact reading of the product descriptions. Pay attention, for example, to whether you select a full license, an upgrade license, a software maintenance or a data carrier. Careful control reduces mispurchases. 

Important: Only after you have registered (Login), the system shows you the prices and products valid for you. Before logging in with your ASK user ID and password, the system shows you standard information that provides a rough indication, but in individual cases the prices and ordering options differ considerably from your conditions. This is particularly important for students who are not covered by some contracts and who therefore receive their own conditions in many areas. 

Detailed explanations of the respective products in the boy directly under product information help you with the selection. If you place the products in your shopping cart in the usual way, you can then proceed to checkout.

Many products, recognisable by the corresponding symbol, are deposited immediately after the purchase in the area of my downloads. This means that you can see the products you have purchased at any time and download them again, for example. The purchase of data media is unnecessary in many cases The purchase - and the payment - of the licenses, however, remains, as always, the basis for the legality of the use of the software. 

What do I do if my product is not available in the software shop?

Of course ASKnet AG cannot deliver all products. Please note the table with the "special ordering procedures", which we maintain on these web pages. There we store special information on products and procurement channels, which may also run through other contractual partners. 

If you have any further questions, please always proceed as follows:

  • look at the table with the special ordering procedures,
  • see online in the Software-shop of the University of Bonn 
  • read these web pages and further information (e.g. in the explanations within the software shop).
  • Only then, you can gladly contact us under [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

We hope that the Software-Shop of the University of Bonn will provide you with an easier and modern way to order many of your software products and wish you every success in your work!


Order Procedure for ALL Institutes of the Medical Faculty/UKB

For the University Clinics Bonn ((UKB), due to the central ordering system, software can be purchased after approval by the UK purchasing department. Invoices that result from bypassing this instruction will NOT be PAID by the UK and you will need to see how you raise the funds for these invoices.

Please use the product information from the tables or the software portal as described for your selection, print the quotation page and send it to your UK Purchasing Department for approval. Once the purchase has been approved (possibly with the UKB order number), the order must be carried out in accordance with UK guidelines.



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