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BASIS is the central campus management system of the University of Bonn. BASIS is a web-based application. There, you can find information on the course program and the self-service functions of the University of Bonn. Besides that, BASIS is used university-wide for many other operations.

BASIS offers the following functions:
  • Enrollment and cancellation of courses
  • Composition of your course schedule
  • Exam registration and deregistration. Insight into your exam overview.
  • Study management, change in address, print of certificates and attestation
  • Room administration
  • Manage and edit courses
  • Link courses with the eCampus-eLearning-System
  • Announce date cancellations
  • Enter/edit information on office hours and contact info
  • Send e-mail to course participants

For more information on BASIS, please use the contact form on the Help- and support sites.
Involvement of the HRZ on this system:
Server hosting, maintenance and administration of the system.
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