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Hitachi Starboard

Various seminar rooms of the University of Bonn are equipped with interactive digital whiteboards of the company Hitachi .

Software and driver
A driver and a specific software are needed for the application of the Hitachi Starboard. For lesson preparation, you can also use the software without the connected Starboard.
The software is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X systems.
On request, institutions/employees of the university of Bonn will be given a DVD with the necessary drivers and the software for Windows and Mac OS X, at the IT-Helpdesk of the HRZ..
You can directly download the relevant software (Windows/ Mac OS X) with your Uni-ID and the corresponding password.
The handbook on the application of the Starboard software can be downloaded as a PDF file under the following link: Handbuch_Starboard_92.pdf (available only in German; Uni-ID and password necessary).
Instructions and further information
If you need further information on the applications, or if you want to look more into the system: We would gladly show you the diverse models that are installed in the seminar- and conference rooms of the HRZ.
From the winter semester 2014/15, the eCampus-Team is offering instructional courses on how to use Starboard for teaching.
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