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Conference Service for the German Research Network

The conference Service DFNconf is provided by the DFN-Verein for the scientifc field. The service was technically renewed at the end of 2018 and can now be used on a variety of platforms without plug-ins.

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DFNconf - Conference Service for the German Research Network

Access to the conference service

The HRZ has made the DFNconf conference service available to members to the University of Bonn. In exceptional cases, students can also be meeting organizers. For regular usage an employee relationship in the respective department is necessary.

The login is done via Shibboleth with the Uni-ID. Only the creator of the conference room needs a Uni-ID, participants can be authenticated, guests can participate in a conference without login. 

Provided features

  • Video- and Audio chat
  • Text chat
  • File share
  • Screen sharing

Technical information 

  1. Internet browser (no plugin necessary!)
  2.  A webcam and headset for video- and audio chat
  3. An app for Android and iOS is available on mobile devices. 

In addition, a conference can also be attended via a classic telephone, Skype accounts are supported as well. 

More information

 DFNconf - Conference for the German Research Network

Exemplary process flow

  • As organizer of a video/web conference you log in as organizer
  • Create a corresponding room. There are two possibilities: conference room or lecture.
  • As the organizer you will receive a pin, which you will also need for your own login into the conference room, so that you can use the conference function. 
  • You can also generate a pin for the participants to prevent free access to the room (optional).
  • Once you have created the room, you receive a template for inviting other attendees. The template contains the data required for access to the room. 


Access to conferences 

General information concerning the access to conferences:

  • Web browser: URL to the conference room
  • With a SIP(H.323 room system or SIP/H.323 client: H.323_ 0049 100 numberoftheconferenceroom  SIP: numberof
  • With a telephone (audio only): dial 0049 30 200 numberoftheconferenceroom 
  • Via Skype/Skype for business:
  •  mobile with smartphone. 



Then connect the app with the following URL [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Online consulting by competence centre

The DFN-Verein offers an online consultation/ hotline for questions about the platform:

  • every first Monday of the month from 14.00-16.00 online
  • Conference ID: 0049100979351


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