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Start with Plone

If you want to start with your setup in Plone, there are some "classic" steps.

 Formalities in advance 

  • Do you need your won Plone portal or do you become of an existing website? A "Plone-portal" is a new, complete web presence, such as this one.
  • If you need a new portal, we will need an order from you, stating the setup and the person responsible for the website. We also need the HRZ login (not the password!) of the responsible person(s).
  • It usually takes 2-3 working days to set up a new portal, and you will then receive a ready environment where you can start building pages directly. The person responsible is entered here as administrator and can add further users himself via Plone and set up the rights management. 
  • Apply for a Plone Portal
  • Request an URL 

Training and Consulting 

  • The Plone team offers the possibility to train employees of the Institute InHouse or at our university computer centre. 
  • We follow a modular training concept, i.e. basic training in the first step for administrators (4 hours) and page editors (2 hours). For special tools and applications, we will be happy to arrange separate appointments afterwards in order to be able to tailor the training courses to your wishes and needs.
  • In addition, we would be happy to advise you on the structure of your website - but when can only pass on recommendations and experience, we do not create your website. 
  • You get documentation, FAQs and further support on our pages. 
  • Training request

Data structure

  • Once your instance is installed and you are provided with training and accounts, you can starts building data. You do not need your own URL for this yet, this is all possible internally.
  • Make sure that you do not set the data to "published" too early if you want to work in the protected area. 

Live Switching

  • The last step is the live connection of your performance under your own URL. For this we need the URL under which you want to be reached, typically
  • If you "move", i.e. switch off an old web presence and switch Plone as a new one, the times must be communicated well, since entries must be made in several systems (DNS, web server etc.). If your DNS entry is administered in the HRZ, we take over the coordination, we then only need the switching date of the move from you. If you manage the DNS entry in your department yourself, please contact us well in advance (at least one week) so that we can discuss the datils in time. 


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