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New Layout

Since mid-August, the central university websites have been in an updated layout. The layout is optimized for mobile devices, graphically refreshed and contains new elements.

The new layout is realized as "Theme" in Plone and is available for all Plone portals of the University of Bonn.

We have put together the basic options for you in a separate handout.

Please note some basic conditions in advance, which you should consider before updating the Themes.

  • Be sure to try the new layout first on in test environment - you cannot uninstall the Themes, once it has been installed - there is no way back to the old layout!
  • The layout can only be activated for an entire portal, if you have a "navigation root" within a portal, you have to coordinate and agree on this together with the administrators of the other web appearances within the portal.
  • Take a look at the tools and possibilities in advance.
  • The layout affects all pages of your portal. Especially pages that are not barrier-free look particularly bad after a change. Take advantage of this opportunity and clean up - above all, take a critical look at all tables.
  • Consider switching to the Fck editor, some functions - especially mobile and barrier-free page templates - can only be implemented with the Fck editor.

    If you have any questions about the new layout and how to get it, the Plone support will be happy to help you with advice and practical solutions (e. g. training courses).

Further information is available in the Plone Café on 14.09.: 14:00-16:00 hours in Course Room 2 in the HRZ.

Download Handout Neues Layout

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