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1. I have a University of Bonn e-mail address. How do I get access to my e-mails?

You can use the webmail-client that is provided by the University of Bonn. You can either access it by opening in your web browser, or use an e-mail-client. You can find all important information here.


2. I forgot my Uni-ID password. How do I get a new one?

You can reset your password yourself via GOsa². Please use the function "forgot password" to restore your password through your private e-mail account. This function is only available if you have verified your private e-mail address via GOsa² before.

You woud like us to reset your password?

Students who want their password reset are asked to visit the IT-Helpdesk during  the opening hours. Please bring both your student ID-card and photo identification card with you and we will reset your password to a new one.

University of Bonn staff members need to file an inquiry of user data and hand it in at the IT-Helpdesk in person. You can download the form here.


3. I want to sign in on eCampus. What do I need to do?

The eCampus login can be found on the eCampus website You need to log in with your Uni-ID and the corresponding password. Any further information on eCampus can be found on the eCampus website.


4. Where can I print something?

There is a copy machine that can be used with a copy card of the University of Bonn in the plaza of the HRZ . Further information can be found here.


5. Why do I need a University of Bonn Uni-ID?

The Uni-ID enables you to use many services that are provided by the HRZ.

The most important services are:

        • University of Bonn e-mail address/es
  • Access to the electronic course overview and course/exam registration (BASIS)
  • Access to eCampus
  • 10GB disk space at the central file system (FSI) of the University of Bonn with daily data backup
  • Access to the public computer workplaces (ÖPACS) at the HRZ, as well as WLAN in many places around campus
  • Sciebo Cloud-Service
  • Literature- and database research (ULB)
  • Inexpensive computer software and guidebooks
  • Participation in IT courses

    Detailed up-to-date information can be found on our websites.


6. Where are the course rooms?

Both of our course rooms can be found on the ground floor, on the left and on the right side behind the IT-Helpdesk.


7. Where are the bathrooms?

On the left side of the foyer you will find the staircase with bathrooms on every floor.


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