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Information for new users of the HRZ

Welcome to the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ-University Computer center)!

We put together an overview of all the useful services that the HRZ provides, to make the start of your student life a lot easier!

Your personal Uni-ID plays a central role when it comes to accessing the services of the HRZ. You will find it with an initial password on your certificate of enrollment (the text above your address in the upper right corner). In order to use your Uni-ID, it needs to be activated: Subsequently you can log in with your Uni-ID to all connected systems. Please remember you Uni-ID and password. Together, they are your access data for various University of Bonn IT systems.

Once you have received your Uni-ID, you yourself may change and/or control some of your data via Identity Management. Any changes, such as a change in your user status from "Student" to "Staff" and vice versa, will require a Change application.

Currently, you can use the following University of Bonn IT services with your Uni-ID:

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 gosa.jpg Identity Management

After you have successfully activated your ID, it is recommended to explore GOsa a little more. You can manage your personal information, change your password, create up to two alternative e-mail addresses or set up e-mail forwardings. To login you need your Uni-ID and the corresponding password. Further information can be found under: Identity Management.


email.jpg E-Mail via IMAP, MAPI, POP3 und the web interface

Your pre-set e-mail address is:

[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Additionally you can create up to two “alias” addresses, e.g. [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.], via the Identity Management. Please keep in mind, that you can only log into the IT systems (BASIS, eCampus, etc.) with your original Uni-ID (without "") which will not exceed the limit of 8 characters. Login with the e-mail address or an alias is not possible!

You can easily access your e-mail by visiting the webmail portal of the university Just enter your Uni-ID and the corresponding password and you will be logged in. You can also access your e-mails via e-mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird.

Your mailbox is not only equipped with a spam- and antivirus filter, it also offers up to 500MB memory space for students and 1GB for staff.

Please note: The University of Bonn regularly sends e-mails that are relevant for your studies and life on campus. Please make sure to check your inbox frequently or forward your e-mails to an account that you check regularly.


vpn.jpg WLAN access and accessing the university network

In case you need to use the university network from your home, you can connect via an encrypted VPN tunnel. All you need is the appropriate VPN-Client-software. Access will require your Uni-ID and corresponding password.

Moreover, you can use the VPN-Client to establish a secure WLAN connection in many of the university's buildings.

Further information and installation instructions can be found on the websites for the VPN-Client-Software.


eduroam.jpg Worldwide internet access at participating universities

Another option to use WLAN at the University of Bonn is Education Roaming – short Eduroam. Eduroam is used internationally by many universities, which enables you to access WLAN networks of research intitutions worldwide with your University of Bonn Uni-ID. You will find further information on Eduroam here.


ulb.jpg Literature- and Database research, access to e-media via the ULB

For accessing the electronic media of the Bonn University Library (ULB) from outside of the university network, you will need a VPN connection. Your Uni-ID and corresponding password are required for authentication.


basis.jpg Electronic course overview

The electronic course catalog of the University of Bonn (BASIS) provides an overview on all courses offered at the universtity. As an enrolled student, you can use BASIS to register for classes and exams or check your transcript of records. Use your Uni-ID and password for authentication.


ecampus.jpg E-Learning platform of the University of Bonn

The Uni-ID also allows you to participate in courses at the central e-learning-platform eCampus. The IT Courses of the HRZ can also be found there.


oecaps.jpgPublic workplaces around the campus

Public computer workplaces (ÖCAPS) in the Hochschulrechenzentrum and the Bonn University Library (ULB) can be used by all students and employees of the University of Bonn. Access will be granted as soon as you log in with your personal Uni-ID.

There you also have the opportunity to copy, print and scan materials. Further information on the workplace equipment and opening hours of the HRZ can be found here.


fsi.jpg Online storage space

Initially, students and staff of the University of Bonn automatically receive 10 GB of online storage space on the new file service infrastructure (FSI) of the Hochschulrechenzentrum. The hard drive storage is backed up daily and allows access from anywhere in the world. Therefore it is the ideal storage for saving your important study- and research-related data within the University IT infrastructure (data privacy). Further information can be found here.



sciebo-logo Data Cloud Sciebo

The Cloud service Sciebo provides automatic synchronization of files on different devices and enables multiple users to cooperate and work on the same documents. Every user will be granted 30 GB of free storage space (for research projects a lot more if required). The cloud service is run by the University of Münster for the participating universities and offers students and researchers the secure handling of their data. The data are saved at only three locations (Bonn, Duisburg/Essen, Münster) according to the strict German data protection laws. Further information can be found here.


dfn-aai.jpg Authentication via DFN-AAI

The University of Bonn is part of the Authentication and Authorization infrastructure of the DFN (DFN-AAI). The AAI simplifies the access to academic contents for authorized users and increases the privacy protection when handling resources of DNF-AAI partners. You can find more information on authentication via DFN-AAI here.


Your Uni-ID grants access to many more appealing services of the HRZ and the University of Bonn:

  • Taking part in free IT courses at the HRZ (some can be rewardrd with ETCS points, if accepted by your department)
  • software for free or at a reduced price (if frame conditions of the university apply)
    • Free use of premium antivirus software for entire period of study
    • Free Citavi license ("reference management")
    • SPSS license for students (20 EUR/ year)
    • and much more...
  • IT handbooks at a reduced price
  • Quality consultation service on all our services at the Infopunkt


Our websites provide descriptions of many services of the HRZ. We kindly ask you to read these for you to be able to benefit from the variety of possibilites and use them up to their full potential. It is also helpful to keep track with the current notifications of the HRZ

Beyond the HRZ, there are also many faculties and departments that provide IT-service. Why not ask on site? But please do also visit the HRZ - We gladly help you!

You can get more information at:

  • the IT-Helpdesk of the HRZ - the first contact point for all questions 
    Opening times
  • You can find the HRZ flyer with a summary of all services offered by the Hochschulrechenzentrum for new students here


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