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Information for Disabled Users

The Hochschulrechenzentrum in Wegelerstraße 6 is open to students of all faculties. The rooms for the users are located on the ground floor of the building: the IT-Helpdesk, the course rooms, the public computer workplaces (ÖCAPs) and the printers.

Parking spaces for disabled people:

Not available

Access to the building:

The main entrance of the building is only accessible via four stairs.

The ground level entrance is accessible from the parking lot at the side entrance Wegelerstraße 8 in the rear part of the building (door width approx. 80 cm). The rooms on the ground floor of the Hochschulrechenzentrum are available through this side entrance.

In the entrance area you can also find a freight elevator, that can be used to access all rooms from the first to the last floor. Please inform the control panel of the Hochschulrechenzentrum by phone to use the freight elevator. A university internal wall-mounted telephone is located next to the freight elevator (on the left, approx. 5 m), which you can use to call the control panel under the number 3360 from 08.00 to approx. 21.30.


The passenger elevators are not wheelchair accessible as they only have a door width of 62,5 cm which is too narrow for a wheelchair.

The freight elevator in Wegelerstr. 8 can be used with a wheelchair. However, it is not publicly accessible and does not have an internal door. The key can be obtained from the caretaker or via the control panel of the Hochschulrechenzentrum (Tel.-Nr. 3360).

Disabled WC:

A disabled WC is located in the rear part of the building on the ground floor on the left of the side entrance Wegelerstraße 8. The key can be borrowed from the IT-Helpdesk.

Handicapped accessible computer workplaces:

Not available

as of: 30.06.2006

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