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3D printing service for models for courses or prototypes for research and teaching


The models are produced on HRZ's own printers in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Different materials and qualities can be selected.

For whom?

For all members of the university

Employees and students can make use of the service within the scope of research and teaching. Students, however, can only submit requests through a member of their faculties teaching staff.
Use is free of charge.

What for?


You can use it to have illustration models created for research and teaching.

How does it work?

The prints are printed either with an FDM printer from Caribou or with an SLA/LFS printer from Formlabs. Depending on the printer and print job, the maximum print volume, possible material selection and quality of the print differ.

Use of the service

If you would like to use our 3D printers, please fill out the following form.


If you would like to establish a longer-term cooperation between your institute and the 3D printing service of the HRZ, please contact us via the IT Helpdesk. The printing team will then contact you.


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(Only accessible from the BONNET)


Please submit the print data as stl. or obj. file. Please ensure that your design is correctly scaled.

The order duration varies greatly because it depends on the parameters you select for the print. If your print must be completed by a certain date, please let us know before placing the order. We will then assess whether this is feasible. However, we cannot guarantee this time frame.

Unfortunately, our service is only open to print jobs that are related to research and teaching. Billing via a PSP element of the University of Bonn is therefore mandatory.

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