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We operate the central network of the University of Bonn.
We, the HRZ: traditionally modern
We are the contact point for all questions, ideas and projects concerning the central IT services of the University of Bonn. 
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Our WIFI never sleeps
We, the HRZ: traditionally modern
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University IT and Data Center

The University IT and Data Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum, HRZ) is the central IT service provider of the University of Bonn

Opening hours IT Helpdesk

We have changed opening hours of our IT Helpdesk:

On Monday, 2nd October 2023 our IT Helpdesk will be in service from 09:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.

On Tuesday 3rd October 2023 the IT Helpdesk will be closed due to Day of German Unity. 

Career at the HRZ

At the University IT and Data Center we offer a wide range of career opportunities in science and technology. People with very different educational backgrounds work here. Teamwork, reliability and competence are very important to us. That's why we're a diverse group - and we're proud of it!

But it's not just the tasks at the University IT and Data Center that are exciting, our team is also interesting. That's why we decided to expand our website to provide insights into the working world of our employees from different departments.

In our career section, in addition to our open job offers, you will now find another point “We at the University IT and Data Center", which takes you to the personal career pages of our employees from the areas of identity management, research data, networks, Atlassian and eCampus.

Uni-IDs for student assistants

As of September 15, 2023, students assistants will once again automatically receive staff Uni-IDs. They no longer need to submit a separate application.

The change-over applies to all new student and research assistants (SHK, WHK, WHF with employment start date 15/09/2023) and current assistants (except SHK, WHK, WHF whose contract ends in by September 30, 2023 and seasonal assistants).

If you are employed as an SHK, WHK or WHF at the University of Bonn on September 15th and you do not yet have an staff-Uni-ID, you will receive a letter with your new staff-Uni-ID and all necessary information.

Please do not apply for a change of your student Uni-ID if you continue your studies.

Ethical questions about AI use in society and education

Interactive DELFI workshop

ChatGPT has abruptly taken over the press and especially social media, sparking a new hype about artificial intelligence (AI). Many AI services (e.g. for generating text or images) are now accessible to the general public. As a result, these new AI offerings are in high demand and are being discussed. On the other hand, the possible dangers and risks of AI are also debated, especially in critical sectors such as medicine and education.

Looking ahead, the motto of this year's International Conference AI and Education (AIED) 2023 was therefore: "AI in Education for Sustainable Society" combined with the call for inclusion, which should include everyone ("leaves no one behind"). The all-day workshop at the AIED 2023 conference in Tokyo on ethical and institutional issues relating to AI and education focused primarily on the three core topics of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The Council of Europe's new AIED report, which is based on these three pillars, was also presented.

"The main result of the workshop is the common realization that schools and universities need to communicate much more with pupils and students as well as with colleagues, teachers and parents," says workshop moderator Dr. Christian M. Stracke from the University of Bonn. Therefore, together with Dr. Jan Kleinmanns from the Bonn university computer center started to offer internal workshops for all interested parties at the University of Bonn, which were fully booked after just one day including a waiting list. The discussion with external colleagues will take place in a next workshop on the guidelines for the ethical use of AI in of education at the German e-learning conference DELFI 2023. On Monday, September 11, 2023, all interested parties are invited to the DELFI workshop in Aachen in the morning. In small groups and finally in the plenum, it will then be discussed how guidelines for a trustworthy and ethical use of AI in education can be developed and designed. Individual ideas for future use of AI in education should be developed and mutually presented and discussed.

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Help and Services

The University IT and Data Center offers a variety of services and provides support for them. You can find all services here:

System Status and Maintenance

The status of all systems of the University IT and Data Center, maintenance messages and current faults are available on a separate status overview at StatusPage.


All information about the Uni-ID. This is your access to the university's central IT services.


How do I access the internet and the university network on campus with my laptop, mobile phone and co?


With Confluence, you get a modern tool for your internal communication and collaboration.

Data Storage

You have research data on a large scale?
We have the infrastructure to securely store your data and continue working with it.

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We offer a wide range of career opportunities in science and technology.


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