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02. April 2024

Access from unauthorised e-mail clients blocked Access from unauthorised e-mail clients blocked

As last announced in the message dated 20 March 2024, the ability to retrieve emails using certain email clients was blocked today.

If you use one of the following e-mail programmes to retrieve your university e-mails, this is no longer possible with immediate effect:

What to do now?

Should you use one of the applications mentioned above, please change immediately (as mentioned in the news from March 20, 2024) to another product and change your Uni-ID password afterwards.

The HRZ will block the retrieval through cloud based E-Mail programmes from the 30.03.2024 by enforcing appropriate technical measures. This means that afterwards you will not be able to receive or send e-mails through the aforementioned applications.

Security risks also with cloud-backup

Please note that backup applications from Google and Apple are also categorised as highly problematic and must not be used, when they lead to outflow of university data (incl. login-data) to external cloud storages.

Abruf durch unzulässige E-Mail-Clients gesperrt
Abruf durch unzulässige E-Mail-Clients gesperrt © Colorbox
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Please make your that your device is configured according to the instructions im the HRZ-Doku in Confluence, for e-mail use (accessible only from the BONNET or via VPN).

Should you have questions, please contact your local IT-administration or the colleagues at the University IT and Data Center (support form HRZ-Doku).

Thank you for your co-operation.

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