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01. September 2023

New features in Zoom X New features in Zoom X

With the move from Zoom to "Zoom X", the University of Bonn has kept its promise to find a data protection alternative to the Zoom US servers. Since March 2023, all university members have not only been able to benefit from a significantly improved data protection basis, but also from constantly new features.

Two new features will be activated on September 1, 2023: the Zoom whiteboard and direct messages (during a Zoom meeting).

The whiteboard is the new digital canvas in Zoom X, on which ideas and results can be collected and recorded together. With the whiteboard, meetings can now be designed collaboratively and interactively. Whiteboards can be prepared before the meeting and shared after the meeting.

You can find out which settings have to be made in your Zoom account for the Zoom X whiteboard in the instructions in the HRZ documentation (accessible only in BONNET or via VPN): Whiteboard

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Zoom X will also be enhanced with direct messaging (while a meeting is in progress), allowing for the exchange of messages between two meeting participants in private mode. Direct chat is on by default, but can be turned off by the meeting host before or during the meeting. Further Information and descriptions for Zoom X are available in our HRZ-Doku under Videoconference-Zoom.

New features in Zoom X
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