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15. May 2024

WLAN-equipment - Application possible until the end of May WLAN-equipment - Application possible until the end of May

Providing a network infrastructure that meets all user requirements is a complex task and requires the right resources and technologies as well as thorough analysis and planning, especially at a university.

The network department at the University IT and Data Center of the University of Bonn is currently facing various challenges.

On the one hand, the network department is faced with the task of managing a large number of new leases and renovations at the University of Bonn. First of all, moving into a new building means connecting the premises to the network infrastructure and thus creating the basis for work at the university. The WLAN network connection is established by so-called “access points” (distribution points), which not only have to be installed once, but also regularly maintained and replaced. The rapid increase in APs to currently over 1,900 (as of May 2024) and limited personnel resources lead to various problems. There is always an enormous backlog when it comes to replacing obsolete access points that have reached “EOL” (end-of-life) status. These are discontinued products that are no longer produced or supported and therefore need to be replaced with new products. Consequently, the replacement of these APs must be prioritized based on their critical importance for the network. The network department of the University IT and Data Center also coordinates the installation of the APs by external service providers.

On the other hand, the expansion of WLAN and the increase in new spaces and refurbishment projects are leading to an increased need for new installations.

The entire WLAN-equipment process requires not only a structured schedule, but also the implementation of project teams and the automation of planning and deployment processes in order to meet the requirements and achieve the necessary speed of deployment.

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The University IT and Data Center currently has a small number of APs in stock that can be distributed to the various institutes at the University of Bonn.

There are approx 50 APs for lecture halls and laboratories and approx 30 APs for offices.

If the WLAN equipment in your institute needs to be expanded, you can submit an informal application by the end of May.
Applications must contain the following information and be sent to the e-mail address netadmin@uni-bonn.de:

  • Address of the location
  • Floor
  • Room number
  • Room purpose (lecture hall, laboratory, meeting room, office)
  • Institute
  • Contact person (name, e-mail, telephone)

Information of the distribution procedure: The distribution of APs will be pre-sorted after the end of May. If necessary, a draw will be made if more applications than available stocks are received.
Priority for distribution will be determined according to the following criteria and in the following order:

  • Lecture halls
  • Laboratories
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices

The prerequisites for provision are free personnel capacities and existing infrastructure (free switch ports and sockets).
These guidelines and procedures are intended to ensure that the limited resources of the HRZ are used efficiently and that WLAN equipment is provided where it is most urgently needed.

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