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Research Data Infrastructure - FDI
The FDI is a service for storing research data

Research Data Infrastructure - FDI

The University Computer Centre offers storage space quotas to members, institutes and facilities of the University of Bonn.

For whom?


Employees receive storage space in the size of 100 GB and can also apply for project and group storage.


Students receive a storage space in the size of 50 GB.


Project storage of up to 50 TB can be requested via a Confluence form. For larger storage requirements, prior consultation with the HRZ via ceph-support@ticket.uni-bonn.de is necessary.

What for?

Addition to Sciebo

    The FDI serves as a supplement to the Sciebo service and should only be used if Sciebo cannot fulfil the requirements for the storage area. This may apply in the following cases, among others:

    • More storage space (personal or for a group) is required than the maximum that can be stored in Sciebo.
    • Real-time access to the data is needed and Sciebo's sync client cannot be used.
    • A storage area is needed for use by a self-operated Linux server.

    If none of these criteria apply, Sciebo should primarily be used for storing data. Also note that sharing of individual files or sharing with persons external to the university is only possible via Sciebo.

    How does it work?

    Standard access to the storage is possible via sftp, the connection of an own Linux server via the Ceph Fuse Client.


    All access is only possible within the university's network (BONNET).


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (Call only possible from the BONNET)


    The FDI servers are only accessible via a VPN connection.

    The data of your personal FDI is only available to you and cannot be shared with others via a rights assignment.

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