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A secure and encrypted connection to the university network (BONNET).


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and offers the possibility to establish a secure and encrypted connection to the university network (BONNET).

VPN can be used with all common operating systems and end devices (PC, laptop, mobile phone).

For whom?

Members of the University of Bonn

All holders of a University ID at the University of Bonn can use the VPN service.

What for?

External access

Certain services can only be accessed from the network area of the University of Bonn. This includes our HRZ-Doku!

If you are working from home, VPN will help you access these services. The vast majority of literature databases and electronic journals can also only be used in this way.

How does it work?

In addition to encryption, an official internet address (IP address) from the address range of the University of Bonn is assigned to the client when a VPN connection is established.


First, the VPN client must be downloaded via eCampus (Uni-ID and password needed) and installed!

The prerequisite for setting up the connection is an already existing internet connection, such as the private WiFi, WiFi-BONNET or WiFi-eduroam. The VPN connection can then be created (after successful authentication with the Uni-ID).

Since you can only read our HRZ-Doku via a VPN connection, you can find the VPN instructions for all common operating systems as a pdf file here!


Decentralised areas of the university (administration, institutes) may also have their own VPN solutions for dialling into the respective network.


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(can only be accessed from the BONNET)


There is a VPN client for the common operating systems that can be downloaded from the HRZ page.

A VPN connection is already required for the internet connection in the student residences. Setting up a second VPN connection above it, as described on the HRZ pages, is therefore not possible. You can read how the university services can still be used on the Studierendenwerk page.

There are no guest accesses. Authentication takes place exclusively via a valid Uni-ID.

Yes, for IOS and Android the current version of the AnyConnect client from Cisco that we use can be installed via the respective app store.

The VPN group unibn-vpn (server address unibn-vpn.uni-bonn.de) is also accessible from outside BONNET, the VPN group unibn-wlan (server address unibn-wlan.uni-bonn.de) only within BONNET. Due to the licence, more literature databases and electronic journals are accessible via unibn-wlan than via unibn-vpn).

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